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The first step in creating your web site is choosing and registering a domain name. The cost for your own domain name is $15.00 per year. Before registering a domain name, you are encouraged to do a little research to see if the domain name you want isn't already taken. A simple web search or typing in the domain name in your Internet browser will often tell. While some domain names do not appear to be taken, they may be inactive. Therefore we ask that you provide at least 3 (three) alternate names that you would be satisfied with in the event your first choice isn't available.

If you'd like to save time, you can call us: (719) 267-4279 and we can process your registration over the phone!

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Simply follow the simple steps below and we will get your domain name registered. This is the information that will used to register your domain name and is the legal registration information. This information may differ from your regular address. For example, you may wish to register your domain name as a company instead of as your home address or telephone number.

You will need to choose the Domain Name that you want registered:
Please make three choices in case a specific domain name is unavailable (registered).
1st Domain Name Choice:
2nd Domain Name Choice:
3rd Domain Name Choice:

Your Name:
Company Name (if applicable):

City: State:
Zip Code: Telephone: Fax:

After you SUBMIT this form for processing, you will be directed to a confirmation page. This page will give you the option to pay for your registration via the Internet through PayPal, or by check or money order sent through surface mail. Once a paid registration transaction has been completed, you can expect your domain name to be registered within 2 working days. Technically speaking, your domain name will be held in a "reserved" status meaning that nobody else can register your domain name while you own it.

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