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Web Page/Web Site Design is a rather ambiguous area.
For this reason we have chosen to simplify our Design Services into four areas:

  • BUDGET Design Package, 1 to 3 hours, ($75.00)
  • BASIC Design Package, 3 to 6 hours, ($140.00)
  • POWER Design Package, 6 to 9 hours, ($175.00)
  • ULTIMATE Design Package, 9 to 12 hours, ($245.00)
  • These prices are general guidelines for design and may not be the actual amount you will be billed for. Depending upon your specific needs, our general rule of pricing is $35.00 per page or $17.50 per hour. Web site "updates" are billed at $35.00 per page or $17.50 per hour depending upon the complexity and frequency of required updates. Specific jobs, simple or complex are also billed accordingly. Please discuss your specific needs with our design staff. We will work with you to develop a plan to fit your budget!

    Web Site Makeovers
    Web Site Makeovers involve taking your existing web site design and rebuilding your current format into something new and more exciting! Many web site owners have their web sites built and mean to update or refresh the look and feel of the site but for some reason never find the time or keep putting it off. We take your new ideas and recreate them into a format that is sure to please. Web Site Makeovers are priced the same as Web Desing pricing.

    Our Web Design Staff utilizes several areas of design expertise to include:

  • In House Graphic Design Artists
  • Vast library of "royalty-free" graphics and animations
  • Extensive Computer Programming Skills and Resources
  • Audio and Video programming expertise
  • Over 50 Years of combined computer experience
  • Please be sure to visit our Web Design Portfolio to get an idea of our clients needs and get an idea of what we can do for you! We are proud to put our name on every completed design project.

    We'd love to discuss your web design needs with you!
    Please feel free to give us a call at (719) 267-4279
    or send us an email at

    "Your success means our success!"

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