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Our Web Support system is designed to help us quickly answer questions you may have about a recent order, and to give you a running log of just what action(s) has been taken with your order or request for support. Please note, due to the overwhelming amount of junk mail we receive, we can no longer offer direct email support. Once you have filed a request for support, you will receive email notification each time action is taken on your request.

To use our Web Support system, you need only have the following:

  • The VALID email address from which you ordered.
  • An order number (PayPal Transaction ID or the number we assigned your original order).
  • A brief description of the problem, i.e., did not arrive, wrong shipment, damaged merchandise, etc.

Your order number is very important - please be sure to include this! Once you have your order number, you may proceed to the support form here:

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