Quality Checked! The Jolly German™ brand of Jams, Jellies and Syrups are made with the strictest quality control methods known to the food industry. Any product that leaves the kitchen has been taste-tested for 100% quality; otherwise it does not leave the kitchen! All of my products are made in a commercial grade, certified kitchen.

My recipes are from years and years of experience and no batch of jam is made with quantity over quality in mind. This simple yet very important concept keeps my customers ordering time and time again. Of course, quality means using the finest and freshest selected fruits available. Some of the large jam and jelly manufacturers make so much jam and jelly that they must sacrifice some of the quality to meet the demands of large nationwide supermarkets. Not the Jolly German™.

Many of these national brands sit in warehouses and on store shelves months before they are purchased and consumed. That's not fresh! My products are made upon request of order and you are guaranteed that you will not receive a product that is any older than two weeks at the most! Freshness means everything when it comes to good taste.

There is only one chef! - That's right. As I mentioned, my recipes are not mass produced to meet a nationwide demand of marketeers. From the selection of fruit, to the final sealing of the jars, my product is made by only one person. If the final product does not meet my inspection, I am fairly certain it will not meet yours, the customer. You can rest assured that I have picked or selected the fruit. Washed it. Mixed it. Cooked it. And finally taste tested and sealed it.

Lastly, I do like to receive feedback from my customers. If you've received any of my products that do not meet your satisfaction, please let me know. In the same, if you've purchased any of my products that are simply out of this world and the best you've ever had, I'd like to know as well. I can reached at:

Thank you for choosing and expressing interest in my products,

Gary Pfalzbot, The Jolly German™